Keep the Oceans, Beaches and other waters clean…



A chimpanzee can be trained easily to use a rubbish bin.But humans are top stupid to use one..Their children included! Mind my saying but it is the truth….Where are the times gone when parents taught their children successfully to put even a tiny piece of rubbish into a rubbish bin or keep it until a bin was found? When I look at the pictures below I do indeed raise the question what went wrong in people’s heads….There are only a few generations in between me and nowadays teenagers and mothers and father’s. …And yet, my upbringing was totally different than theirs.However I sleep good at night as I leave no rubbish behind wherever I go.But they will drown in their own filth one day if they continue like this…:(

Also :The good side is that the ones who throw their rubbish into the waters eat their own rubbish when eating fish. .The bad site also the ones who keep it clean! JUST KEEP IT CLEAN AND CLEAN UP YOUR MESS!!

IMG_28491765675823 IMG_28486719164321 IMG_28481490253735 IMG_28475840774441 IMG_28470739729230 IMG_28465766596394 IMG_28443541611383 IMG_28436661201547


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