Anti Roosting Spikes



Anti roosting spikes strips can be attached

to places where a pigeon want to perch on like house roofs or windows.They cam be purchases at hardware stores or garden centers. (Make sure you follow the manufacturer instructions).

-Another alternative is to spread out slinky toy with the circles no more than 1.27 cm apart. Use duct tape or wire to attach it in place every few centimeters so that the spring won’t roll off the surface to give landing space (pigeons don’t like it as it is uncomfortable to land on it.




•Many pest control places sell sticky chemicals that makes uncomfortable for birds to perch on it. Once sprayed, they will stay away but have to be renewed every now and then as weather will wear the chemical off. (Use according to the manufacturer’s instructions.)




•Lines of string places closely next to each other and tied from one end to the other of a spot where pigeons idle to roost on will prevent them from being able to balance anywhere and they cannot roost.Use weather proof string material.



•Pigeons don’t like spices and sprinkling cayenne pepper, cinnamon, pepper, etc., where they usually roost can prevent them roosting… Be generous with the spices and repeat after wet or windy weather.




•Pigeons and other animals can be prevented from entering spaces by closing off entrances that lead I to attics and soffit vents.

•Immediate things include to fill large openings and doors with heavy door curtains of plastic strip.

•Should they have gone inside create sloping surfaces over flat surface on ledges and light fixtures.

•Seal the edges of places where they nest by using hardware cloth and silicon caulk.

•In large open structures, like barns and warehouses, close off the space above the rafters where pigeons roost and nest with industrial bird netting.BUT NEVER USE THESE NESTING TO COVER UP WALLS LIKE IN THE PICTURE!




•Bird netting should best be installed by a professional as a amateur doesn’t have the experience to do it correctly as you can see in my picture. ..Unrighteousness and sloppy ends will cause suffering and a unneccessary slow death.




• Recommended by the leading animal welfare groups, birth control represents a “bird friendly” solution for pigeon control.




•Never make your home a place where pigeons get fed as this will encourage them as they have good memories when it comes to food sources.If you use bird feeders make sure you use bird feeders which only small birds have access to.

•Eliminate food sources like grass seed, berries from pyracantha bushes or olive trees, and dog or cat food left outside.

•Do not to constantly put seed on a lawn if the seed isn’t germinating. Eliminating or controlling their access to the source of food will reduce the number of pigeons.




•Have some fun and spray pigeons with water from agarden hose. Pigeons won’t appreciate the force or concentration of the water being targeted at them.(You will need to spray them consistently, however, so that they get used to your building being the one to “stay away from”!)




• While these may not work long-term, it is worth trying to install reflective tape, noise devices or foil balloons and try to scare away the pigeons.

• Scare them away with a bang. A low-tech method is to buy some party snaps from a party favors/joke store and to place them in the area where pigeons are likely to land. When the pigeons land, the snaps will explode…(This can be very effective in small areas.)Snaps are harmless and safe around children.




• Unless you own a real raptor bird -you’ll have to resort to plastic or concrete statues of owls or hawks. Place them where the pigeons usually roost. Note that these may not work, however, once the pigeons grow used to the presence of the mute and unmoving statue (attaching moving parts like foil to it will help for a while .)




•Ultrasonic devices are very effective but require the regular replacement of batteries. These devices have been found to work well in lofts or high ceilings of warehouses, dry-docks or other large indoor areas that have high spaces.


It does not has to be this way=

(It was not a one off accident – there where five dead pigeons in the wall covering net in different composing stages…)




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