Stop Gardening until the end of June

A Similar scenario like the one below Is in private gardens…Please resist your ego to cut everything down and to look neat..It will also help all of our pollinators to let it grow a little.A short cut tidy garden is a dead garden.One with a bit overgrowth during the summer month will buzz with life



Several species of birds, many of which are experiencing significant population declines, lay their nests in grasslands, hay fields, and meadows from April 1 through mid-July. This also happens to be a time period many landowners see as prime time to harvest hay.


See the problem? Eggs and newly hatched chicks have little chance of surviving a mower, but every week you delay the harvest increases these grassland birds’ chances of successfully fledging and getting out of the way.


Give grassland fledgings a chance! Be Slow to Mow. Don’t mow from April 1 – mid-July.


Check-out more on Farms and Birds at YardMap:

or, learn about all kinds of ecological traps and how to make your backyard habitat safe:

Meadowlark nest in picture.








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