Bird Slaughter of Migratory Birds in Malta 2014

Bill Oddie’s documentary about Malta shows the unconsciousness of the hunters in Malta but also the unconsciousness of the majority of the Maltese people because 450, 000 people are  not bothered or able to stand up against the just under 10,000 hunters and of course the very few people in their corrupted government…

How stupid can people be? Our planet need birds to survive.Some act as pollinators while others distribute plant seeds and even and ant forests. ..But moreover they act as pest control and regulate insect and rodent population.Without birds our planet will die off in a very quick time. Of course there are more countries than Malta who also unnecessarily hunt and slaughter birds but this is impossible to tackle every country at the same time so there must be a start somewhere…Time has changed and with more and more pesticides killing insects and rodents the burd numbers are also in decline.Than there are wind turbines which kill birds with increasing numbers as they have also increased in numbers.People worldwide have also increased in numbers including bird hunters if course…A idiot can do the math that with increasing bird killing factors we will have less and less birds and more and more environmental problems due the loss of burd numbers. ..

Imagine for a moment that the Malteser would stop killing migratory birds and stick with the few game birds they are allowed to shoot only and would help to stop the unnecessary slaughter in other countries as well? Wouldn’t that be beautiful?  Humane and a act of love towards nature? A act of love towards all generations of humans, animals and plants to come?..I think it’s possible…It’s possible that these Maltese hunters wake up from their unconsciousness. ..For us who desire a stop of this slaighter it is neccessary to see and to accept this pointless slaughter as ignorance is also unconsciousness.But after acceptance we have to focus on a postive outcome in order to bring change.If we do that we will find ways to stop this slaughter- worldwide…





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