How to protect Fledgelings


The following was taken from the Lab of Ornithology.Please keep cats indoors during this time if the year.With the increase of humans on this planet there is also a increase on pet cats which do indeed massive damage to wildlife per year (more on this later on on this blog.)

Newly fledged songbirds are most vulnerable during the first three weeks after leaving their nest. A recent study ( found that ‘teenage’ songbirds seek refuge in cover habitat as they learn the skills to survive in the big world. Although the study examined young songbirds in natural areas, cover habitat is a critically important component of habitat for backyard birds as well. Many teenage birds are out and about this time of year, and we can all provide a little parental assistance by creating or enhancing cover habitat on our properties. Thickets of native shrubs, evergreen clusters, and brush piles are all great forms of cover habitat for your backyard habitat. And help keep all birds safe by keeping cats indoors!








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